Where can I see the film?

Trees of Protest in einem Kino in deiner Stadt

You want Trees of Protest to be in a movie theater in your town?

Send an e-mail to your cinema with the link to this homepage and suggest that he/she shows the film in his/her cinema.

The cinema is welcome to contact me via: treesofprotest@email.de





Expected to be available from January 2020 - this still depends on some film festivals and the "premier status". Ordering via the homepage. (Crowdfunders will of course receive the DVD directly!)

53. International Hof Filmfestival (Premiere)

Hof, Germany:

  • 23th Oct, 12.15 h

  • 25th Oct, 15.00 h

  • 26th Oct,  23.15 h

68. International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

Mannheim and Heidelberg, Germany

  • 14th Nov, 21.30 h, Kino Atlantis
  • 15th Nov, 17.30 h, Kino Atlantis
  • 16th Nov, 15.00 h, Kino im Stadthaus II
  • 15th Nov, 23.00 h, Kino II
  • 17th Nov, 15.00 h, Kino II
More events will follow ...


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